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*Five-Band 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
*Up to 72 dB Gain
*Better 2G 3G 4G Voice&Date
*Multi-user wireless booster
*Warm Warranty

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Booster For 2G 3G 4G provides up to,2000-7500 Square Foot Area worth of signal coverage, ideal for small houses, small bars, restaurants, and other small-sized areas The device boosts all major European operator voice and network signals broadcast within the on LTE 800MHz  (Band 20) /GSM 900MHz  (Band 8)/DCS 1800MHz (Band 3)/UMTS 2100MHz (Band 1)/LTE 2600MHz (Band 7).

Automatic gain controller: booster can sense the cellular environment intelligently and adjust for maximum signal performance. Once installed, you never need to worry about it again INACTIVITY MODE When no user calls booster works in standby mode, so as to save energy.

All boosters come with CE and RoHS Certified, 30-day money-back guarantee, 3-months free replacement, 5-year manufacturer warranty

Our products are rigorously tested and offer a perfect signal wherever you are. Our quick Installation kit comes complete with instructions and takes less than one hour to set up. Our products are also completely harm-free. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff of highly trained professionals available 24 hours should you experience any problems with your booster. Satisfaction guaranteed!


  • Works on European Carriers 2G/3G/4G networks, Any Network European. 800MHz  (Band 20) /900MHz (Band 8)/1800MHz (Band 3)/2100 MHz (Band 1)/2600 MHz (Band 7)
  • Lifeline technical support
  • All components needed for installation in one package
  • CE Certified
  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections to accommodate family members and guests.
  • Automatically selects the best band for yours


Improved indoor cellular voice and data signal

Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds Faster data downloads

Up to 2 hours of additional talk time In weak-signal are. 5-year manufacturer warranty

Why Choose ANYCALL Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Outdoor Directiona Antenna

● Gain: 9dBi
● Connector: N-male
● Wavelength: 698-2700MHz
● Cable Length: 15m 3D-FB cable
● Simple installation and weatherproof
● Directional antenna for all mobile network.
● Easy to point towards nearest tower to maximize signal reception.

The Log-Periodic Antenna should be pointed in the direction with the strongest signal. Make sure that it is parallel with the ground, do not aim it up at the sky or down at the ground.

ANYCALL Booster Unit

●Frequency :Band 20 800MHz; Band 8 900MHz; Band 3 1800MHz; Band 1 2100MHz; Band 7 2600MHz
●Max. Output Power: 27dBm
●Connector Type: N Female
●Automatic Gain Control:≧20dB
●Impedance :50ohm
●Operating Temperature:-25ºC~+55ºC
●Environment Conditions :IP40
●Power Supply : Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz,output DC 5V

Indoor Panel Antenna

● Gain: 6/8dBi
● Connector: N-male
● Cable Length: 6m 3D-FB cable
● Frequency Range: 698-2700MHz
● Suitable for every network + 3G/4G
● Low return loss, stable performance
● Easy to install & Can be mounted on the wall.

The indoor antenna should be mounted on the wall facing down a space or mounted facing downwards at the top of a space and broadcast down and out through multiple floors.

5-YEAR warranty & service

We offer a 4 year warranty for all signal boosters. During this period you can send us the equipment for its reparation or exchange. We also propose an extended 1 year warranty for our boosters after registering the product.

Tech Specs

Model Number: AY-GDW2L70PLUS-PLW-K4
Frequency Band 20 800MHz
Band 8 900MHz
Band 3 1800MHz
Band 1 2100MHz
Band 7 2600MHz
Max Gain 75 dB
Power Req Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz,output DC 5V
Connectors N Female
Dimensions 187mm*110mm*24mm
Weight 0.63Kg
Price $459.89

In the box

Layer-booster unit2

Booster Unit

Inside Panel Antenna

Outside LPDA Antenna

15 meters Cable on LPDA Antenna

6 meters Cable on Panel Antenna

Power Supply


Installation guide (PDF)

The product Is easy to install. Everything is included in the kit. (PDF)

How It Works:

The cell tower sends and receives signals within a general area.

An outside antenna captures the signal, the signal booster amplifies the signal’s strength and indoor antenna(s) send the improved signal to your phone.

The call, text or mobile Internet signal returns to the tower by following the same process in reverse.

Will this Work for my Phone and Carrier?

This ANYCALL Drive Reach has been designed to

  • Works on European Carriers 2G/3G/4G networks, Any network European. 800MHz (Band 20) /900MHz  (Band 8)/1800MHz (Band 3)/2100MHz (Band 1)/2600MHz (Band 7)
  • Lifeline technical support

Click To Check your cell phone frequency before purchase

Things Pre-purchase Check:

  1. The booster can only amplify the signal, it can’t create a signal. If there is no outside signal, the booster will not work for you. Please make sure you can make call successfully outside your house.
  2. The booster can work only if your cell phone works on the same frequency band as the booster. Please check which band your cell phone uses firstly using the methods below:
  • For iPhone:
  1. Dial *3001#12345#*, then the press Call button
  2. Click ‘Serving Cell Info’
  3. Check ‘Freq Band Indicator’;
  • For Android phone:

Download and install the app: LTE Discovery, tap ‘SIGNALS’ and check band number.

If it shows 800MHz  (Band 20) /900MHz (Band 8)/1800 MHz (Band 3)/2100 MHz (Band 1)/2600 MHz (Band 7),

please choose this booster. If the test result is another number, please choose another booster according to your band.

Supported Phones All Cell Phones, Hotspots, and any Devices that use Cellular Data
Networks 2G, 3G, 4G & 4G LTE
Frequencies 800, 900, 1800, 2100/2600 MHz        Band 20/8/3/1/7
Carriers Works for Carriers in Europe, including:

Please Note: This signal booster will not work only if your cell phone no on the same frequency band as the booster. Please check which band your cell phone uses firstly.


How do I determine the best place to set up my booster?

How to select the best location is described fully in The installation guide. However, if you still cannot find a good place, you can contact us through chat or by email and we will help you with the setup.

How many users will one booster support?

We sell high-quality products which are all capable of simultaneously supporting multiple devices. The limit for each booster mainly depends on its output power or ‘dBs’. We have provided a list of devices and their support limit converted to dBs below:

Estimations can also be made using this table:

Coverage in square meters Number of supported users
Up to 150 sq m Up to 50 users
Up to 300 sq m Up to 100 users
Up to 600 sq m Up to 150 users
Up to 1500 sq m Up to 200 users

Should I check the location of my network provider’s nearest tower?

Yes! The standard antenna can accept signal from within 170 degrees. If towers are located on the opposite side of your property than your antenna, you may need to upgrade your system by adding a second antenna so you can receive signal from all locations.

How can I check if the booster will work for me?

here’s a simple, quick test to check whether your place is suitable for a signal booster.
The only thing you should do is to check your outside signal strength on your mobile phone.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Find the highest point where you could put the outside antenna (generally on the roof).

2. Check how many signal bars you see on your mobile phone’s display while you are at that highest point

3. If you have 0 bars – contact us for help to make sure you’ll get a sufficiently powerful solution.

4. If you are suffering from the poor outside signal strength of 1-2 bars, then our powerful booster kit will come to help you to get out of that troublesome situation and provide 5 full constant bars inside. (Of course, you can also use a standard kit with a yagi antenna, but the number of bars won’t go higher than 3-4 bars inside.)

5. If your outside signal strength is 3-4 bars, then we recommended you purchase a standard booster kit with a yagi antenna upgrade.

6. In case you have 4-5 bars outside, then no yagi upgrade is required as in this case the standard kit’s power will be sufficient enough to provide you with full 5 bars indoors.

7. Measure your property size to make sure the cable set included in a kit will be enough. We offer extra upgrades to help you have an easy set-up.

This booster is specially designed to work with a poor outdoor signal. We offer a Yagi antenna and more powerful booster included in the kit. The High Power Booster guarantees 5 constant bars inside your property.

You may still upgrade with more internal antennas and extra cable to be able to get a signal in all the corners over your home, office or wherever you are using it.